Clan Buchanan Cadet Branches and Associated Familys (Septs)

Scottish clans (from the Gaelic clann, "family") give Scots around the world a sense of identity and shared descent.  A clan or family is a legally recognized group in Scotland, which has a corporate identity in the same way that a company, club or partnership has a corporate identity.  Affiliated names, or septs, are a recognised and important part of today's clan.

Younger sons of Clan Chiefs formed CADET branches of the family.

The great Scottish clans contain families who bore a different surname, but were descended from the Chief through the female line.  They are called SEPTS.  Septs would also be an unaffiliated family that had sworn allegiance to the clan chief.  There is a view that septs are a construction of the Victorian era and, hence, have little validity.  Clan Buchanan recognises affiliated family names fully as members of the clan.

Clan Cadet Names

Arnprior, Auchmar, Carbeth, Drummakill, Leny, Spittal.

Principal names

Bohannon, Buchanan, Buchannan, Buchannane, Buchquhannane, Bucchanane, Baquhanan, Bochannen, Boquhannane, Buchanane, Buchanen, Buchanne, Buchannen, Buchannent, Buquhannane, Buquhannanne, Buchannand, Buquannane

Clan Affiliated Families (Septs)

(Includes spelling variations)

Colman, Cormack, Cousland
Dewar, Donleavy, Donlevy, Dove, Dow, Dowe
Gibb, Gibbon, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilbertson
Harper, Harperson
Leavy, Lennie, Lenny
Macaldonich, Macalman, MacAndeoir, Macaslan, Macaslin, Macauselan, Macauslan, Macausland, Macauslane, MacCalman, MacCalmont, MacCammond, MacChruiter, MacColman, MacCormack, MacCormick, MacCubbin, MacCubin, MacDonleavy, MacGeorge, MacGibbon, MacGilbert, MacGreusich, MacGubbin, MacInally, MacIndeor, MacIndoe, MacKinlay, MacKinley, Macmaster, MacMaurice, MacMurchie, MacMurchy, MacNuir, MacNuyer, MacQuattie, MacWattie, MacWhirter, Masters, Masterton, Morrice, Morris, Morrison of Perthshire, Murchie, Murchison
Richardson, Risk, Rusk, Ruskin
Spittal, Spittel
Walter, Walters, Wason, Waters, Watson, Watt, Watters, Weir
Yool, Yuill, Yuille, Yule

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