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Clan Buchanan: 1016 - 2016 - 1000 years a clan
This is an important year for the clan to celebrate the genesis in Scotland of the Clan. This stems from the ancient myth surrounding the arrival of Anslean O'Kyan in Scotland from Ireland.

Worldwide, the Clan Society will be celebrating at events throughout their countries. Help celebrate your clan at events throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific this year.

Buchanan 1000 years a Clan 1016 - 2016 -----------------

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Welcome to Clan Buchanan

Welcome to all members of Clan Buchanan (representing the Oceania region).  Members of the clan include those with the name and descendants of Buchanan and the clan's affiliated families ('septs').  Members of the clan worldwide are very welcome as this helps to provide a link to our international family.

We will provide information about upcoming events that you may wish to attend near you.  Please let us know of upcoming events to put into the calendar.

You are encouraged to use this social network site to stay in touch with each other and the clan in our region.  We want to build membership numbers up so that Clan Buchanan is represented in all areas, and can attend all highland games.

Stories about the clan in the Oceania region are now being published on the web site with help from Clan members.  We would love to hear about your family story.

Other information about the clan is provided, including genealogy and links to Y-DNA testing site (Family Tree DNA project), as well as other relevant sites internationally.

International Developments
We are pursuing several major international projects on behalf of the Clan internationally:

1) Renaissance of Clan Buchanan (viz. Oceania region, Scotland - homeland, Ireland, and Canada)
2) Helping to create a strong, cohesive, vibrant, truly international clan society with the Clan Buchanan 
    Society International Inc
3) Identifying the last Clan Chief officially recognized by Lord Lyon - Done: John Buchanan, 22nd of that
    Ilk (died 1681) confirmed by Lyon Office (see story under "Clan Buchanan" tab)
4) Identifying current Clan Buchanan Armigers recognised by Lyon Court, and encouraging clan
    members to become Clan Armigers.

Clan Society Survey
If you haven't already done so, please complete the clan survey to help us know what you want of the clan society.  Please download, complete, and email it to clan.buchanan@hotmail.com. Click here to go to the survey.    

Please let others of Clan Buchanan know about us (see the Clan Septs list at the Clan Buchanan/Family Names tab above or click here http://clanbuchanan.spruz.com/clan-septs.htm).

This is your clan society.  We hope to see you join us here,

Malcolm Buchanan and Stephen Buchanan

A Call to Arms - You, the Clan, and the Clan Chief

An important open letter to all clan folk whose principle surname is Buchanan.

Dear Clan Folk,
I am writing to bring to your attention to what I believe to be a pivotal phase in the history of Clan Buchanan, being the potential reestablishment of the Clan leader after a 300 year hiatus. The Heraldry Court of Scotland (the Court of the Lord Lyon) advises that we have a chance of doing this if we can find sufficient clan folk who have a personal Scottish coat of arms (Armigers). The Clan needs its armigers in order to select a Clan Commander who will champion the search for the rightful hereditary Clan Chief.

An armiger may be male or female, of any race or religion and can come from any country, but not all clan folk can become armigers. (The impediments to becoming an armiger are often those of heredity, place of residence or finances, and are not a negative reflection on the ineligible clan folk.) For those who can, becoming an armiger is an honourable service they can give to the Clan.

We live in very individualistic societies, where our worth is measured by our own achievements (academic, financial, heroic, etc) and relatives beyond our immediate family are largely irrelevant or are a curiosity. However, petitioning to matriculate the Arms of an ancestor or a new grant of Arms and becoming an Arms bearer of our clan:

1.         Strongly identifies you with the Clan worldwide
2.         Enshrines your ancient and dignified heritage in Scottish law
3.         Captures a cultural heritage that can be handed down to your children

4.         Embodies family history in a romantic but tangible way by means of the 
            actual personal coat of arms

5.         Is an honourable service to the Clan.

If you want to know more about the reestablishment of the Chief of Clan Buchanan or becoming a Clan armiger, read the full letter (at Clan Buchanan/Clan Armigers tab above or click on this link http://clanbuchanan.spruz.com/clan-armigers.htm.

If you want to take the next step beyond celebrating your heritage to becoming an armiger for Clan Buchanan, let me know and I will share how I had gathered evidence and prepared my petition for the Lyon Court.

Steve Buchanan
Sydney, Australia
email: scabd_buchanan at hotmail.com

25 February 2011

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